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We usually perform digital x-rays after an examination; based on our findings, if there are signs, symptoms or something in your child’s oral history that leads us to believe they may have dental disease, x-rays may be indicated.

We often like to take x-rays throughout your child’s life to make sure that their mouth is staying healthy. This helps us to establish a baseline. Though we are able to see a lot from physically looking inside a child’s mouth, digital x-rays allow us to see things that the human eye cannot. We are able to diagnose problems (such as cavities) earlier so that they are easier to treat!

Our friendly and professional staff work hard to ensure that your child feels safe, and receives the best care available. We know how important a healthy mouth is for a child and we work hard to make this happen. We welcome questions from your child and from you. We never want you to feel confused when you leave our office.  

If you have questions about digital x-rays or would like to schedule an appointment, contact us today at (630) 906-1700